Alan Langdon

artist / digital videomaker


Alan Stone Langdon was born in Pennsylvania, USA in 77, and moved to Brazil in 83. Since his early years, he has been energetically creative in the visual arts, creating a constant and diverse gamut of work in drawing, painting and sculpture. In 2000 he graduated with honors at Rhode Island School of Design, obtaining a Bachelors in Fine Arts: Film, Animation and Video. Playfully blending the genres of documentary, personal narrative and animation, Langdon proposes a dialogue between the external world and his inner emotional landscape. In a careful balance between the poetic and the mundane, his work sugests transcendence between the two. He is also part of the collective PintŰ SujÍra, a group of friends that produces off-the-wall videos full of amusing characters and street-wisdom. Alan currently works as a freelance video editor and motion graphics designer. In 2009 he concluded his first feature, Billy Bacon's Groove System. The awarded documentary, co-directed with his friend Guilherme Ledoux, is a dynamic and unflinching portrait of an amazing samba-jazz drummer from Florianopolis.


2000 Bachelor of Fine Arts: Film/Animation/Video
with aditional studies in painting and illustration. With honors.
Rhode Island School of Design. Providence, RI, USA.
1999 Kodak Cinematography Workshop
with Andrew Laszlo Providence, RI, USA.
1998 Intensive Animation Workshop
with Caroline Leaf Prů Helvetia Foundation, Krakow, Poland.