WHO AM I? Welcome to my house, where you can find out a thing or two about myself, as well as my work. So, who am I? To avoid boring you stiff, I'll be brief: I'm an artist, in the broader sense of the word. In the last 10 years I have been expressing myself through movies, and before that I explored mostly painting and drawing. Besides my personal artistic projects, I work as a motion graphics designer and video editor. But if you would like to know more details regarding my profile, click HERE to read my resume and bio.
MOVIES So, I,ve been making independent movies since 1997, when entered film school. You can watch most of them HERE."But what kind of movies?", you ask yourself. While my first answer risks being "all kinds", in the end, I end up making art about what is closest to me. In my case, I think this holds true... My movies, usually short, tend to come from personal experiences, dreams, goofing around with friends, my dogs even... For example, in 2009 I finished my first feature documentary, BILLY BACON'S GROOVE SYSTEM co-directed with my childhood friend Guilherme Ledoux. Currently I am working on a road-movie about my travels between 2009 and 2001, entitled THE BACKDOOR AND THE ROAD.
FINE ARTS From my childhood until my early twenties, I expressed myself through painting, drawing and some sculpture. I went through various phases, exploring the impressionistic landscape, the abstract, the figurative from observation, the still (or not so still) life, the surreal/dreamlike, the graphic novel, etc... With this I began maturing the two different ways I tend to create, found in my movies: the observation of the external world and the exploration of the internal, imaginative psyche. In the last years I have been fusing my experience with fine arts and film, with cross-polinations of characters and modes of observation. If you would like to see a sample of my drawings and paintings, click HERE to go to Flicker.com.
FILM SOCIETY I help run the film society Cine Ieda Beck. Being among the first of a new generation of film clubs in my city, it stands in the old-town area as a non-profit space for the projection and informal discussion of moving pictures from Florianópolis, Brazil and abroad. Thus, engaging the community in dialogue, exchange of ideas and techniques; creative and cultural exchange. Also, since it is free and open to the public, it contributes to the formation of an alternative film audience (screenings happen every Wednesday at 8 PM). Check out the program on FACEBOOK.
PINTÔ SUJÊRA I also am part of a collective called Pintô Sujêra. In 1996 my friends created some goofy songs, inspired on situations and local off-beat characters from Florianópolis. That was pretty fun, so in 1998 we made Na Estrada da Vida (On the Road of Life), an amateur video based on the songs. Many movies later, thanks to some awards and word-of-mouth, Pintô Sujêra is known today for its zanny style: improvised and crafted at the same time; a tongue-in-cheek mix of documentary with fiction. Check out the site HERE or click HERE to see some of the videos.
LABORATORY Since making movies and art in general takes time, I am always "distilling" (to borrow a term used in the production of Cachaça, a kind of booze which is often found in my house); I'm always developing one or more projects simultaneously. I often work with large ammounts of raw footage (common in the documentary format), so sometimes it takes years for a project to be finalized. At the moment I am post-producing two large projects:
SATURN TOYBOX ...Hmm... how to explain this one? OK, here I go: An experimental short video that exists as the "sleeping persona" of my house, where strange things happen while I am away trailling labyrinths around the world. A black ghost dog, a mystical portal do another dimension (located in Uribuci, SC, Brazil) and Goya's portrait of Saturn devouring his son are some of the ingredients of this subconscious exploration overseen by the sign of Saturn, god of time. Get it? Estimated arrival on planet earth: 2014.
THE BACKDOOR AND THE ROAD Estimated to be finished in 2013 (but running against the clock and all the jobs surrounding me), this is a massive project which deals with issues of separation and reunion, as in an alchemical process. The footage was gathered between 2009 and 2011 using a point-and-shoot camera, travelling around the world trying to find inspiration after the end of a 4 year relationship which left me dry and wondering (wandering?): what now? The tibetan concept of Bardo is key in this one, in the sense of being a "dead" period between two lives, two cycles. Dedicated to my soon-to-be wife Sansara, the movie will probably be my most difficult. But it has been an exciting challenge to craft a new form of communicating my feelings and experiences.
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